bald eagle update

Looks like the eagle pair is back to sticking around the nest again…


26 thoughts on “bald eagle update

    • Them beagles would look pretty silly up in that treetop! 😀 I love watching that pair. They just had the one chick last year. Perhaps it’ll be more this time around.


  1. Very exciting. I so rarely get to see eagles nesting. In outback Australia we sometimes saw Wedge-tailed eagles’ nests but I don’t think I ever saw them raising chicks. Great shots of the happy pair.


    • I caught the young eagle last year as it first tried out its wings. It looked like they just had the one. Perhaps this year they’ll have more. I’m hoping to catch the latest chick(s) fledging again.

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  2. Great shots of the eagles, but it seems to me that the female should have already laid eggs by now. That is, unless west coast eagles are behind ours, which most years lay eggs while there’s still snow on the ground.


    • I think the eggs have been laid. These shots were taken Feb 28 and one of them has been on the nest ever since whenever I’ve gone out to check on them.


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