The worst night of the trip

Little did we know that Death Valley would be mobbed… apparently for the holiday weekend (Sunday of Presidents Day). Seeing the numbers of people milling around once inside the National Park, we decided we’d best grab a campsite at Furnace Creek while we could…Death_Valley-0381Essentially a gravel parking lot with restrooms. We figured we’d tough it out for one night, secured a space and headed out to check out some sights.

This was what we found nearly everywhere we went…

Though I managed a few scenes without people milling around.

That night turned into a nightmare because the campground was packed when we returned. The noise was bad enough, but the toxic fumes from being surrounded by hundreds of campfires (complete with starter fluid fumes) was pretty awful.Sunrise the next morning, we hightailed it out of there at the crack of dawn, stopping along the road to fix some breakfast.

New rule # 1: Never, ever go to a National Park on a Holiday.
Avoid weekends if at all possible, too.

52 thoughts on “The worst night of the trip

    • I would imagine that Death Valley only gets crowds in the winter. Can’t imagine anyone choosing to be there come summer. We just had some bad luck and awful planning for this stop. Luckily it didn’t spoil the trip.


  1. I really liked Death Valley when I was there years ago, but what I loved was the solitude; so I am sorry you did not get it here, Gunta. It’s great that you adjusted quickly and moved on. National Parks are no longer a place for solitude or true nature appreciation, but, as you know, there are many other places that we can still find. 🙂


    • I’m sure there are still places to find solitude in Death Valley, but not unless you have the time and/or stamina to head into the wilds. It is a rather large place after all. Camping that particular place (Furnace Creek) at that particular time was the biggest mistake. I’d been to Death Valley back in 1978 and practically had the place all to myself.

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    • That first shot was when we arrived and got our campsite. When we came back from our drive the place was packed. Look at the picnic tables near the left edge for a hint at how close together the campsites were. Elbow to elbow… literally. But the worst of it was the smoke and fumes.


  2. We are wanting to go to Death Valley as well but will pay close attention to the crowds. Your photos are quite lovely Gunta, particularly those without the hordes in them.


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