the little rip-off oasis – day 8

Topping off the gas tank at Fenner, CA before heading into the Mojave Desert at nearly $5 per gallon. We’d been seeing gas for under $2 in Arizona. Luckily we only needed a couple of gallons. Fenner-0218This area seems to work on the nostalgia for old route 66 (get your kicks?)Fenner-0219It is better to fill your head with useless knowledge than no knowledge at all. 
Jim Hinckley, Route 66 Backroads: Your Guide to Scenic Side Trips & Adventures from the Mother Road


15 thoughts on “the little rip-off oasis – day 8

    • Yeah, I’ve heard about Europe’s higher prices for gas. It makes much more sense. I imagine you have less Hummers driving around on your roads. I drive a small Prius-compact, so gas prices don’t send me into a tizzy here, but the van is another matter… I’m sure your expenses for the vans can run quite a bit.


  1. We head out on a long trip in about a month. I don’t look forward to the gas price during the 8 days we’ll be travelling thru California. At least they aren’t all driving days.


    • California is generally higher than most of the rest of the lower 48, but this place was nearly double the rest of CA’s prices. I suppose much depends on what you’re driving.


  2. For many years my grandfather would go to Florida in the winter and we would go visit during Christmas break or spring break. Driving down US ROute 1 and later I-95, we would be teased for miles and miles and miles by signs for South of the Border, complete with a Mexican theme. My parents refused to stop, saying it was a tourist trap. Well, driving to Florida from Connecticut one year when my kids were small I stopped….and guess what? It was a tourist trap. LOL


    • Arizona had the cheapest prices I’ve seen, just under $2 in places. Now it looks like they’re climbing back up again. It’s good we took the trip when we did.


    • To be sure gas prices were higher in California, but that can’t justify close to double the price just 30 miles down the road from Needles (also in California). Luckily, we just wanted to top our tank off, so it wasn’t like filling the tank for twice the usual price. It’s not like it was in the middle of nowhere. It was right on I-40.


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