Leaving Yuma – day 7

Somehow we neglected to make plans for heading back north. Not a good idea since it was the start of a Holiday Weekend (Presidents Day). Havasu-0188It was wall-to-wall RVs. Campers were out in droves. We were lucky to find a spot at Cattail Cove Friday night. A nice enough spot, but it was packed.Havasu-0190What it felt like…Havasu-0240A hike along Lake Havasu helped to cool things down a bit. I try to imagine what this desert terrain might have looked like before the Colorado River was dammed.Havasu-0241Lots more prickly stuff to be found.Havasu-0257Sunset looking across the lake, with the occasional loud motorboat breaking the peaceful silence.

Never give up; for even rivers someday wash dams away. 
Arthur Golden


24 thoughts on “Leaving Yuma – day 7

  1. Oh that great cactus shot reminds me of years ago when I was climbing around and managed to slip and slap my hand on a cactus. I pulled out about 50 bits of cactus out of my hand. It sears the mind!


  2. Your photo of all the RV’s at Cattail Cove reminds me of your experience with thousands of visitors at Death Valley. You know, it could be that they all come to these places to be around you Gunta! Holidays in state and national parks are so challenging aren’t they. Everyone wants to go there because they have the time off but unless “you” have flexibility in choosing when you can visit, it’s pretty difficult to find any solitude or open spaces. It’s always great to read about your adventures.


    • Thanks, Rick. I’ve been trying to do the post about the night at Death Valley, but it’s been a challenge. I hate to bad mouth a place I know to be fascinating (especially as seen through your lens), but then the holiday mob made it a bit impossible to sing its praises. We made up for it the following day, though, camping at 5000′, just under Mt Whitney! 🙂


    • The HEAT spot is a super modern, upscale hotel. We had dinner next to it, looking out over the London Bridge. Did you know they moved your bridge to Lake Havasu? I couldn’t get a decent picture because of all the “stuff” surrounding it. I think the only way to do that would be from the water. This (http://www.heathotel.com/) should take you to a slide show that includes a nice shot of the bridge along with stuff about the hotel.


  3. Love the heat pic! Temperatures are rising here. Just checked the forecast for today. 39C (102.2F) expected today! Summer won’t be over for a while. I’ve also experienced turning up at a place to realise that it’s some kind of holiday and it’s packed with people. Around our rural areas there are often country shows or rodeos or some such event and a quiet stay turns into a sleepless night. Am enjoying going re-living your travels with you through the pics, Gunta. 🙂


    • Glad to have you along on my travels. Our weather has been pretty weird here. There was a spell of springlike/almost early summer weather while we were on the road. Now it seems to be cooling off again. It can’t seem to make up its mind. Things are blooming way earlier than normal, but then I’m afraid they’ll get nipped by a frost. Very strange stuff.


  4. I love the processing on your ‘heat’ photograph Gunta! I’m definitely an ‘avoid the crowds’ sort of person. One of the reasons I like Iceland so much, it’s so easy to do. 🙂


    • We ended up in the “overflow” lot to camp for the night. It was basically a gravel parking lot. Not my idea of fine camping. I’m just not fond of crowds whether it’s cities or crowded campgrounds.


  5. We have friends that are camphosts at Cattail Cove SP. Those 3 day weekends can present a challenge and that particular weekend is the most popular all winter with special events. We found that out the hard way 3 years ago ourselves.


    • Who knew it was such a huge holiday? One ignored up in our neck of the woods for the most part. If your friend was the very nice lady who checked us in, then you’re probably very lucky to have such a friend.


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