Adventures crossing the border

Days 5 and 6 were devoted to visits to the dentist in Mexico. I had my teeth cleaned for a measly $30 and I think it was a better job than here at home. I paid $171 for the same procedure back home. I had been hearing so much about this dental tourism, that I had to give it a try. I didn’t need enough work to make the savings worth the trip, except the trip and the adventure were well worth it.Mexico-0157Walking across the border was a piece of cake. Punto de reunión translates to “meeting point”. Presumably that’s the actual border. Mexico-0159Ridiculously bad shot with the point and shoot (I didn’t take the DSLR with me), but they INSISTED when they saw me snapping pictures. Despite the poses and snarling faces, they were quite friendly, but trying to get me to go see their dentist, or pharmacist, or whatever…. Likely the closest I’ll ever come to street photography. You can judge for yourself my great talent for it! 😉 I laughed the whole time at the antics of the hawkers.Mexico-0160It’s all so busy and high energy… the vivid colors (though a bit washed out by the glare of the sun), So many people milling about. Liqui’s Liquors? It was all pretty fun and cool. I must say it also felt totally safe.Mexico-0169With so many American tourists all around, it didn’t seem all that different from California.Mexico-0167Couldn’t resist this shot of a Mexican perro… he/she didn’t bark in Spanish for me.Mexico-0164The dental office itself… clean, modern, up to date… friendly, efficient.Mexico-0170I think I was done in about a half hour and it was back to the border crossing once more. Getting back to the USA took a bit longer with a cursory passport check. Mexico-0171Where the cars cross…Mexico-0203The infamous fence…Mexico-0204The parking lot for the many, many cars from all over the states and Canada. I wonder if our overpriced dentists might take a lesson from this scenario. The quotes I’ve heard about more complicated work such as implants or dentures are absurd when compared to what American dentists charge. Most (many) folks I’ve talked to have been utterly satisfied with the work. Granted, there may be exceptions, but I’ve had some horrible work done here in the states, so you take your chances either way.


29 thoughts on “Adventures crossing the border

  1. Dentists! Some are down right dishonest. Will fill non existant cavities simply to fill their coffers. After Xrays was told 12 fillings required. Went to another dentist who couldn’t find a single cavity. :-(. But loved the post 🙂


    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I swear I’ve had more root canals than I have teeth. No more. I’ll head south whenever I need dental work. Thanks!


  2. When we lived in Mexico for a year we had our first experience with dentists. We were quite pleased with the work and the cost. I would definitely go back.


  3. Well that was a most unexpected topic for a post, Gunta. Thanks for the tip. Love your blurry pic of those guys playing the fool. If it had been South Africa, they’d have demanded payment for having their photo taken. That sweet little perro looks quite pathetic. I’d have wanted to take him/her home with me. 🙂


    • The guys in the blurry pic were merely trying to steer me to the dentist who gives them a kick-back. They switched to wanting their photo taken when I told them I already had an appointment. The picture was blurry because I was laughing so hard. No way would I pay them for that. As for the perro… I might have thought of taking him home if I had a chance of smuggling him across the border, but them US border guards all seemed to have their sense of humor surgically removed.

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    • I’ve run into far too many dentists doing crappy work and overcharging here in the states. I figured the risk was way lower since I had many good references for the guy I went to and the price was incredibly less than I paid up here.


    • Haha… my motto is “if it ain’t fun, why do it?” Seriously though, dental visits (and I’ve had far too many, both good and bad) have never truly bothered me much.


  4. where did you cross at? Our dental bills are horrific here, Cost Parker $200 to have one too reglued to his dentures. and I need 3 crowns. I’m so sick of feeding these trolls here that prey on retired folks. You can e-mail me at I’d appreciate the info.


    • Happy to oblige. We crossed at Yuma/Algadones. I think more and more folks are going this route because of the way local dentists gouge. You wouldn’t believe the number of folks taking advantage of the difference in prices, not service.


    • Yeah, but you don’t have to go through the border check and passport thing. Getting into Mexico was a breeze, but the border guards coming back put out some nasty vibes.


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