leaving Mojave


“Just do it! Reach for the stars, even if you have to stand on a cactus …”
Susan Longacre



28 thoughts on “leaving Mojave

  1. Sunrise on cactus spines creates something special, I think. Nicely done, Gunta…and nice capture of the Colorado River, too. It’s amazing that so much water passes through the desert.


    • One does need to be aware of where one steps. It’s still possible to get down to ground level for closeup shots, but caution is the key. Not only are there the prickly cactus spines, but later in the year some very aggressive rattlesnakes come out of their underground hideouts.


    • Thanks, Nina. Who would have believed I’d fall so hard for the Mojave Desert. Heading South we camped at Hole in the Wall, but the best is yet to come when we headed north again and spent the night at Mid Hills. This time we made sure to have time for a marvelous hike amongst all the prickly stuff! 😉


  2. After spending some time birding in deserts now, I really love this barren, yet lively, world. Cacti are cool, desert wildlife are fascinating. Thanks for your great Mojave photos Gunta. 🙂


    • No. Oddly enough I managed to avoid any attacks by the cactus. Even Sissy stayed away from the ‘jumping’ Cholla, but picked up a single needle from somewhere on the ground. That was easily removed from her paw.


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