Christmas at the Pacific Coast

Another marvelous sunny, warm day between winter storms. The storms with heavy rains from the previous week had rivers spilling mud and debris into the ocean. Fascinating to see it change the color of the surf and tossing huge water soaked logs as if they were toothpicks.Bandon-9480This next shot shows just how far out to sea the mud has penetrated… note the blue reappearing out toward the horizon.


One learns that the world, though made, is yet being made; that this is still the morning of creation; that mountains long conceived are now being born, channels traced for coming rivers, basins hollowed for lakes…Β 
― John Muir


19 thoughts on “Christmas at the Pacific Coast

    • Muir truly is something special. So glad he worked so hard to preserve some of our natural beauty. I liked the first one best, too, but decided to add the second one later when folks started commenting about the brown surf. It seemed I needed to show just how far out the river had washed all that mud.

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  1. Beautiful views of the shore, Gunta, and I love the quotes you post. I hear our weather in this part of Oregon is going back into the teens and 20s next week. I’m stil working on the drainage ditch around the old garage. Guess I had better finish up sooner than later!


    • Thanks, Lavinia. We went kayaking today (day after Xmas) and it was just a wee bit cool, but not bad at all with proper clothing. Good luck with your drainage ditch! We had planned to do a serious house cleaning but the sunny day changed our plans.


  2. It’s quite amazing how quickly the colour of the sea can change. I lived in a little bay where wild storms would bring angry brown-green seas and all sorts of flotsam one day and then a few days later it would be clear and sparkling blue again. Unfortunately, our beautiful Great Barrier reef in north Queensland is being damaged by silt and pollution coming from rivers ( a result of various human activities). I think I would be cancelling my swimming plans on the days your pics were taken! πŸ™‚


    • I’ve been hearing about the damage to the Barrier reef. It’s a sad thing that we’re doing to this precious planet. As for swimming plans… our water is generally too cold (year round) for any swimming without a wet suit. Which suits me (pun intended) just fine! I do, however, love to kayak!

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  3. I am also both amazed at the ocean colour and how far out to sea it has reached. Thanks for sharing such a seascape, Gunta. I certainly haven’t seen anything like it in my local beaches, but maybe as Melbourne is at the top end of a sheltered bay, it might never happen here.
    In fact, I think most western cities are built in sheltered bays or on deep riversides.


    • What you can’t see in either of these shots is the enormous river washing into the sea. The mighty river is the color of mud. It’s what is carrying all the mud from clear up in the mountains down to where it drains into the Pacific. The color of the surf in the first shot is created by the storm surges that kick up all that mud. It’s actually pretty amazing to witness.


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