fun with a paddle

A wonderful day for a paddle at Cleawox Lake.kayak-9304The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Hardly any wind and the lake was very calm.

kayak-1685Sissy and I were pretty relaxed with the routine.kayak-1640She didn’t seem to mind a bit…kayak-1667but enjoyed the romp on the sandy beach where we took a break.kayak-1674Back in the kayak again…kayak-9308Just a glimpse at my inspiration for this adventure… 🙂

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. 
Eleanor Roosevelt



41 thoughts on “fun with a paddle

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    • Ahhh… thanks so very much for this. You have no idea how it cheered me since I’ve been struggling with a sinus infection and a very difficult situation with renters at my old house.
      Thank you once more. You started my day off just right.
      Leave it to you to find this gem, too! 😀 ❤


    • Sissy is categorized as a ‘miniature’ poodle. She’s the size between a ‘toy’ and the standard. Just right for traveling and kayaking! She is definitely cool! 🙂


  2. I think I would enjoy the freedom to get myself to a place where there are no other people around. It must sound wonderful. Sissy looks like she is enjoying herself too.


    • I love that we have so many places where you can truly get away from the mobs of people, but this lake will be full of them come summer. The campground is in the middle of the sand dunes and there will be hordes of ATVs racing around making an ungodly racket. That’s when we’ll likely head up into the hills.


    • It didn’t take a whole lot of elbow-twisting, really. Kayaking has always been on my bucket list. Now we jump in the van and head out whenever the weather cooperates. I’m lovin’ it!!! 😀


    • This time of year I’m guessing most folks are too busy with the Christmas bustle and hustle to be out in these marvelous parks we have with lakes that are close to sand dunes and ocean. It’s an amazing wonderland where I live.


  3. Looks like perfect boating conditions, Gunta. Even Sissy looks cool, calm and totally enthralled with ‘the ride’.

    Delighted to hear this new pastime is becoming a very welcome and engaging hobby. Take care.


    • Our weather has been pretty cooperative, giving us some marvelous days between incoming storms. Sissy has turned into quite the nautical pooch it seems. She’s a sweetheart and seems to take things in stride as long as she can come along for the ride.


    • It’s sure been a fun new adventure. I’m afraid that photography has taken a back seat… at least for now until I feel comfortable enough to take the camera along.


  4. Wow… what a serene ambiance… I know how it feel like being alone in the middle of a lake.

    I had only a couple of opportunities to Canoe in my life, but I used it to the max. and certainly an unforgettable experience in life 🙂


    • It’s truly been a fun experience. I think the pooch enjoyed it as much as I did. Have to admit I’m addicted. I wait impatiently for a break between the series of storms we’ve had blowing in lately.

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