Kayaking gets me wet…

Someday…New_River-8777Maybe freedom really is nothing left to lose. You had it once in childhood, when it was okay to climb a tree, to paint a crazy picture and wipe out on your bike, to get hurt. The spirit of risk gradually takes its leave. It follows the wild cries of joy and pain down the wind, through the hedgerow, growing ever fainter. What was that sound? A dog barking far off? That was our life calling to us, the one that was vigorous and undefended and curious. 
― Peter Heller, Hell or High Water: Surviving Tibet’s Tsangpo River


36 thoughts on “Kayaking gets me wet…

    • It’s been great fun. This shot was actually looking down at another couple out there kayaking, while I looked down with envy. Subsequent posts show me out there enjoying my own adventure.:D


    • I think I’ve reached an age to be reverting to childhood. All I know is that I’m letting myself enjoy life to the fullest these days… when it’s OK to go kayaking! 😉


  1. Yup….a bit…but on a quiet day, not much. Reminds me of the time I was taking the kids rafting on the McKenzie and it was raining. I thought I would cancel but of course laughed at myself….getting wet is part of rafting for sure.


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