the crowd of coots

A few folks commented about the crowd of coots off in the distance in the previous post, which prompted me to show this closer look at bunches of the coots taken earlier in the day during a hike at New River. coots-8759As seen near the opposite bank… this bunch was only part of the overall congregation of Coots.

coots-8744They actually appeared to be having a grand time out there… splashing and playing, though it seemed as though there was always at least some that kept a pretty close eye on me.coots-8740There’s no pleasure in getting to be an old coot unless you have some fun along the way.
Gary D. Schmidt, Okay for Now


14 thoughts on “the crowd of coots

    • I was definitely thinking about your “paddling” when I read your post, but didn’t think to mention it, or perhaps I posted before you did. The memory she is getting to be like an old coot… 😉

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  1. I never knew what they were…I had heard of Coots before, but never had an image of them in my mind…and now, seeing yours, and Googling them for closer images, I found that I have made them the object of some of my own photos back in March of last year. I was hiking along the Jordan River south of SLC and found quite a collection of black water fowl with the characteristic white beak and face paint. Thank you for the introduction, Gunta. 🙂


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