more from the stormy Cape Blanco

Looking north from Cape Blanco


Since it’s the westernmost point on the Oregon Coast, it seems to catch all the stormy weather head on.


Though it makes for some delicious scenes…


Every couple needs to argue now and then. Just to prove that the relationship is strong enough to survive. Long-term relationships, the ones that matter, are all about weathering the peaks and the valleys.Ā 
ā€• Nicholas Sparks, Safe Haven


30 thoughts on “more from the stormy Cape Blanco

  1. These seascapes are fabulous, Gunta. In that first image for example, the colors of the water/sky, foam on the water, position of the rocks in the shot and those wonderful grasses you included in the foreground all come together to create a stunning image that I love both for its artistic beauty and for the emotions that it stirs in me. You are a gifted photographer my friend and it is a constant delight to have these chances to view your amazing work. Thank you.


    • We’ve also been catching a series of storms here. Today was pretty wild, but very much overcast with everything coming out in monochrome. But I’m loving the storms after the long, hot, dry summer we had.


  2. Lovely seascapes, Gunta, but I don’t know how you stand up straight in these windy conditions. Maybe you find sheltered spots to take photos?
    This post’s images sure do look freezing cold and with wild waves.


    • There were a bunch of spots where the wind almost knocked me off my feet and it was pretty difficult to catch a shot in focus, but as you guessed, there were also bits that were somewhat sheltered from the wind. It actually wasn’t as cold as it might look.


  3. Oh Gunta, these are truly beautiful photographs of a spectacular scene. I like the quote you chose also – it applies equally well to stormy coasts and to relationships and to our internal struggles. Thank you for both the photo & the quote.


    • I’m really falling in love with the entire area around Cape Blanco and the Sixes River. The quote seems to be a reminder on so many levels. My pleasure in sharing it. Thank you for the sweet comment.


  4. How stunning, all that power. The first one reminded me at once of an airstrip, come this way, a point of landing, gliding in. And the middle, some decision had been made and then…some muscular transfer, and the launch! You must get breathless seeing such things in front of you. I nearly am from here.


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