storm surge at Shore Acres

On a bright, clear, sunny day, somewhere out there to the west a big storm must have been brewing… it makes for some truly spectacular and exciting waves on our shores…shore_acres-8156

Note the people standing at the fence on the cliff near the right edge for a bit of perspective or scale.shore_acres-8157

We walked over to where those folks were standing and encountered a few that were thoroughly soaked.shore_acres-8158

The energy that comes with this explosion of surf is pretty incredible.


For a video of an earlier storm: (if you’re short on time, jog forward to around the 6:00 minute mark)


63 thoughts on “storm surge at Shore Acres

    • The spectacular crashes happened quite regularly… maybe every few minutes until the tide turned. If you were asking about the entire show, I missed the beginning of it. I’ve finally learned to watch the weather reports for when major surges are forecast. That’s when these shows arrive and oddly enough they seem to come mostly when it’s lovely weather where I’m watching or photographing.


    • Thanks, Susan. I seem to be falling pretty incredibly behind with blogging lately, but this was an event I simply couldn’t miss. (Watching the surf reports for it helped!)


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