Nomad Liberation Day

It’s official….. friend Nina (Wheeling It) apparently got the term from fellow blogger Glen (To Simplify) – both full-time RV nomads. I think it ought to be official as the day when the kidlets return to school and leave some of our favorite spots to explore and enjoy just a wee bit less crowded and more peaceful. That may sound selfish, but it’s a visceral feeling I can’t help but enjoy. It’s almost like an adult version of the last day of school…. 😀

Empty beaches beckon…  almost overwhelming choices confront us. Life is good!Bullards-4379Time to leave now, get out of this room, go somewhere, anywhere; sharpen this feeling of happiness and freedom, stretch your limbs, fill your eyes, be awake, wider awake, vividly awake in every sense and every pore.
Stefan Zweig, The Post-Office Girl


38 thoughts on “Nomad Liberation Day

  1. Hi there – yes, my son’s visiting from back east, moving out here actually, and discovering new places. So we went up Mt. Rainier yesterday – wow, what crowds still! What saves it is that they thin out a bit as you walk a trail, but wouldn’t it have been lovely with 90% fewer people! 😉


    • Oh, how great that your son is moving closer. My options for hiking have narrowed down since I’m so out of shape from a miserable winter/summer with health issues. Trying to get back into shape now that I’m feeling better. Might be headed up in your direction since I have yet to do any exploring around the Olympic Peninsula. Should be great fun!


  2. Fabulous shot Gunta. The beaches here will very soon be open to dog owners once more and photographers like myself won’t be having to get up quite so early to find an empty beach to photogaph.. Can’t wait. Sissy looks to be in her element. Lovely! 🙂


  3. I not only prefer kids to be in school instead of cluttering up “my” fun locations, I also prefer not to go anywhere on weekends because there’s just “too many people”. Wasn’t that a song by Melissa Manchester, or someone way back when?

    So nice to see Sissy having fun!


  4. I fully understand your feelings, Gunta. While I love seeing children and family enjoying some of my photography locations (like the Zoo and Botanic Gardens), I feel a that same sense of relief when there’s peace and solitude to enjoy my walk.

    Nice shot of Sissy enjoying the wet sand and space.


  5. I echo your thoughts Gunta, as we travel around the country. We do enjoy kids but don’t enjoy noisy groups of them on the trails and in other places where solitude is more welcome. Sissy seems to be doing the happy prance out there on the beach. 🙂


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