just can’t help it

This should count as a serving of vegetables. See if you can keep from laughing! 😀

Perhaps Sissy and I need to work on something like this? 😮


35 thoughts on “just can’t help it

    • Personally, I think most pooches actually enjoy learning and performing these tricks. My guess is that the look that some folks are reading as sadness, might be more like concentration or impatience to flip the bloody thing off the head. 😮


    • I recognize the same expressions from when Sissy gets to do her tricks. There’s the intense concentration waiting for the command to flip the bloody thing off her head (or in Sissy’s case, it’s her nose), or the focus on the treat she’s about to get… I couldn’t help but laugh at the sequence. I’d say it was very well done.


    • Oh, I don’t think the pooch is suffering too much other than the impatience for the treat that follows the trick. That’s likely what creates that look of concentration. I balance a treat on my pooch’s nose and she waits (almost) patiently for the command where she can attempt to flip it into her mouth. Success rate for catching it is about 50-50. 🙂


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