little buzzy things making ripples in the clouds…Floras_Lake-6716Time is rhythm: the insect rhythm of a warm humid night, brain ripple, breathing, the drum in my temple—these are our faithful timekeepers; and reason corrects the feverish beat.
Vladimir Nabokov, Ada, or Ardor: A Family Chronicle


29 thoughts on “ripples

  1. What a remarkable picture. I’d love to stand in front of it, vast wall-size, and take it all in for the proportion, the way some of Monet’s ‘Waterlilies’ are, of such great expanse you feel, as here, we’ve gotten into an alternate universe. It’s just brilliant, Gunta, for all it is and the feeling it produces of being inside all of the elements of Earth-life at once, and not the least removed but so entirely, fully, a part of it.


      • Holycowgirl is right. I would love to see a huge wallpaper version of this photograph. My dentist has a luxurious-garden-photo-wallpaper on her walls, and travel photographs on her ceiling. These soothing images really help.


  2. This is a beauty, Gunta. Just so lovely. I’m trying to think and I come up empty – is there a women’s version of “you knocked it out of the ballpark!” ?


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