face rock in the mist

rather strange, streaky skies lately


What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like a thing is change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Don’t complain. 
Maya Angelou, Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now

So…. I just discovered the change everyone seems to be muttering about in the “add new post” interface. I hate it along with seemingly everyone else, but I suspect there isn’t a damned thing I can do to change it. It’ll be mighty difficult to change the way I think about it because it is so very annoying….  so, that only seems to leave COMPLAINING! :p



44 thoughts on “face rock in the mist

  1. You know. Sometimes folks don’t give complaining enough credit…. (I’m not sure what interface your talking about, I may have missed it or didn’t notice…. but then again…. I’m drinking wine…. ) 😀


    • They apparently gave us the choice of returning to the old way of posting. The new one really sucked, but I’m guessing they’ll work on it a bit and switch us over without a ‘by your leave’. 😦


    • At this time, they’re still giving us an option to switch back to the old editor. I started out with the new one and it seems to be lacking many options and is plagued with glitches.


  2. I love this image, Gunta. ❤ It's stunning and evokes a sense of peace.

    I've been over at the forums letting them know what is not working for me in the new editor. I haven't used it to post because it wreaks havoc on my images and quotes (two known problems). I suspect, but can't be sure, that we won't have the option for the old editor once they work out the kinks in this new one (which is a darn shame since what they had worked so well and looked more professional to boot).

    And now I'm going to sit here and look at your image for a while so I can bring back that inner peace. 😀


  3. It took some doing (and reading all the comments) to see the face in Face Rock. Now I see it! Plain as the nose on MY face! I love this photograph, Gunta. It is so serene, especially now that I see the face gazing up into the sky, with the fog like a shawl. So nice!

    Your quote is a perfect comment on the WordPress “enhancement”. If it works, don’t fix it! I saw the change and then clicked the option to revert to classic view.

    Glad to see that you seem to be up & about.


    • There’s a lovely Indian story about the Face Rock legend. I gave a sketchy description here http://wp.me/pXX8J-2tB, but there’s also a link to a more detailed version. It took me forever to see the face, too, but once you realize she’s looking up at the sky (and you get her at the right angle), it’s impossible to miss.

      Since my complaints about the new posting setup, I’ve encountered the option to revert to classic. Thank goodness! I really didn’t like the new version at all.

      I am starting to feel a bit better, but trying to take it slow and easy so I don’t get hit with another relapse. Thanks for caring!


  4. Lovely image, Gunta.
    you certainly have soft light over your coastline. It’s beautiful. Much better than our harsh bright sunlight.

    I think we all hate the new WordPress update and people like me, who whizz through on ‘Auto Pilot’ most of the time, will find it hard to rethink the way we do new posts for a few weeks. They say that if you concentrate of doing something a new way 14 times, then the 15th time comes automatically (without having to think about it).


  5. I really like how you’ve captured the low-lying fog. I have yet to discover the change made by WP but it seems no one likes it. Can hardly wait to experience it for myself. 😉


    • The fog was pretty crazy last night. I headed down to Port Orford to try to catch a sunset and it just thickened up until I couldn’t even see down to the beach. I finally found a spot where the sun turned magenta as it went down, but it wasn’t a place with a nice setting. Maybe next time….. 😉


  6. I like the perspective / angle that you captured the Lady…. I don’t think I have seen her from that viewpoint… The fog has definitely added a twist to navigating out there… Now you see it now you don’t!


    • I had a hard time finding “face rock” when we first moved here in ’94, until the Myrtle Point Herald published a picture of her. I hadn’t considered she’d be lying down, staring up at the sky. I’ve even had tourists ask me how to find her. I did a bit of chasing around the fog last night on land. It’s really been messing with the sunsets lately.


      • 🙂 Good to see that you are feeling better and out chasing the light! I always enjoy seeing where your spirit takes you each day!


        • Yesterday started with errands in Coos Bay and then the urge struck to head to Bandon where the fog was making for some dreary images. From there I headed south to see if I could check out the Crazy Norwegian, but they were full up, with a waiting list and planning to close. Someday I might get to try the fish and chips I keep hearing about… perhaps after Labor Day.

          The fog was just getting thicker as I continued south a little bit, so I did a u-turn and checked out Cape Blanco… foggy there, too. Couldn’t even see the lighthouse. One of these days I’ll try the trail from the airport out to Blacklock, but didn’t want to do it so close to dark (at least not the first time). FINALLY… caught a magenta sun going down at Floras Lake, but never did find a really good foreground for that brilliant sun (it didn’t last long)…. So it, goes. I’ll eventually post some of the reflection shots at the lake and perhaps even that sun, though I might have wished for a better spot to shoot it. That was the spirit for the 13th! 😀 Nice to have you along!


          • Ha! I’ve always wanted to try the Crazy Norwegian as well for “middag”(lunch).. Somehow it has always eluded me… I did enjoy a nice lunch on the deck overlooking Battle Rock at Redfish… Have you tried it? Blacklock Point is one of my favorite coastal hikes. Absolutely Amazing view out there.. You gotta do it … in the day light first!


  7. You’re right, it has an odd look. I generally head to the foreground shores of your photographs of the ocean because you catch wonderful shining reverse images, or the sky caught upside down, reflections that are equal to the whole. And this wet sand in front is flattened out as if it doesn’t see the sky, or the way, legend has it, ghosts fail to show up in mirrors. Which is in itself intriguing.


    • Oddly enough trips to the beach lately haven’t been quite as eventful as usual. Haven’t quite figured out whether to blame the weather, or the fog in my own head. Last night I chased around trying to find a spot where the fog wouldn’t blot out the sun. When I finally caught a magenta sun sinking into the sea, the setting wasn’t quite perfect, but I’ll likely post it eventually anyway.


  8. I’m hearing muttering out there in the fog also, working up to another post but haven’t looked at the new format… why do things that work suddenly need changing other than to make work for someone otherwise twiddling their thumbs?
    The quote by Maya Angelou is very appropriate for me at the moment, thanks Gunta!


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