Grand Opening

Announcing my NEW GALLERY where I offer some of my favorite images for sale. No need to buy, go on over and take a look. (or there’s a link in the header now, too.)

It’s mostly featuring Metal Prints™ with ready to hang float frames. Go to the “Store” page at the Gallery for more details.

I was asked what the print looks like hanging on the wall with the float frame. It’s pretty hard to see- and not seeing the distraction of the frame is pretty much what I like about this option. But here’s an attempt at showing it by shooting at an angle so the shadow gives you some idea. gallery-6654What the back looks like. It only takes a small nail to hang the image. I’ve even been known to hang it with a push pin when in a hurry. The metal weighs next to


50 thoughts on “Grand Opening

    • Thanks, Lynn. I kept moaning about having to do that “about” page until it was suggested I answer some basic questions and thus it got writ up as an interview. I suspect it might not have been done otherwise. Not sure about the zillion… I’ve had a few folks ask, but then it was fun to gather together some of my favorites. It’s always tough to decide which to include.


  1. well done you – your putting me to shame with this level of organisation, looks very professional and the metal prints and fittings are very impressive, Especially like the fridge magnet concept – congratulations


    • Thank you, Scott. Putting the site together was equal measures fun and frustration. I definitely fell in love with the format. The fridge magnet idea came from a friend living full time in an RV and sighing that she didn’t have any wall space. 😉

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