clouds erupting

It’s Friday…. enjoy the weekend.bandon-6306Still, what I want in my life
is to be willing
to be dazzled—
to cast aside the weight of facts

and maybe even
to float a little
above this difficult world. 
Mary Oliver


28 thoughts on “clouds erupting

  1. Mother Nature spends way more time out there than she does across the plains (lol)! it is cloudy here today in ND. Hope you are having a good weekend Gunta.


    • Thank you, LuAnn. Summer brings more fog out here generally, but I’m still having trouble making it out to see for sure what it’s looked like during this strange summer.


    • Perhaps some luck, but I suspect it was much time spent at the beach (not that I’m complaining). We get a lot of fog in summer which produces more scenes like the monochrome sea in the previous post. I’m still digging out of archives until I recover and get back to the beach walks.


  2. It saw another cloud in Hawaii and said, I can do that! and did. You know, it’s always lovely to witness through you, your joy at the atmosphere of the ocean and her plenty and her rocks and skies. I never fail to imagine you behind the camera (at least secondarily) and your excitement at what’s in front. Don’t suppose that’s either pro forma or a fault, I know you, and it adds so much to consider your experience with these extraordinary images of nature fluming or exploding. It always seems such a shared ecstacy. Well done.


    • Hehe… I like your image of cloud envy. You nailed the other bit completely. I’ve been known to do the little kid thing of jumping up and down at catching a rainbow or something similar. I’m so glad it shows to a discerning eye like yours! Thank you for the lovely words once again!


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