a swirl of clouds

and a faint hint of sunset, just north of the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort…WhiskeyRun-1276Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it. 
Mary Oliver


44 thoughts on “a swirl of clouds

    • I know that many are bedazzled by what I call the screaming sunsets and they are pretty spectacular, but when it comes to something hanging on my wall, it would drive me crazy.


  1. Gunta, your images are so beautiful that I never know what to say (although “wow!” usually comes to mind). There’s a softness to this image that I love. 🙂


    • I tend to have the same problem with your images! I love these softer moments, too. Never quite as pleased with what I call the “screaming” sunsets. There’s a peace and serenity that seems to come with those like the one above.


  2. Each time I visit you, I find a new favorite image…I love the soft tones in this! I think I prefer this over a full fledged vibrant sunset, so much peace here…and those swirling clouds are icing on the cake!


  3. You know, I’m beginning to think you have the most beautiful beaches on the planet – and you certainly are capturing it to share with the rest of us. Thank you for a serene start to my Sunday.


  4. Time and again you are convincing me that the Oregon coast, which I am headed toward eventually on my cross-country meanderings, is a very special place. Of course, I am assuming that dogs are allowed to run free… 😀


    • Nearly all beaches are dog friendly (can’t think of any that aren’t – except those where the endangered plovers nest in the sand), but technically they’re supposed to be on leash. It seems that most dog owners pay little attention to that restriction. The down side is that we’ve had two or three bad encounters with those who can’t control their dogs. Then again there are beaches where I rarely encounter other dogs, though it can get a wee bit more crowded in the summertime… again, depending on the beach.


    • It’s certainly an interesting sky. Sadly some of the orange glow you see can come from the wildfires up in your direction. Last summer we had a huge wildfire going in the Rogue River Valley and the sunsets were utterly spectacular.


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