Oregon’s South Coast

There were far too many turnouts or viewpoints along the coast to keep track of as I headed south of Gold Beach, but I believe this might have been taken at a viewpoint called Arch Rock Point.SoCoast-6170When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. 
― Ansel Adams


28 thoughts on “Oregon’s South Coast

  1. It will be a very sad day if development takes over the Oregon coastline as it has so many other places. I hope the pristine beauty of your coastline endures. Stunning image Gunta! 🙂


    • Amen, to this stretch of coast remaining relatively undeveloped. There have already been pressures to develop a golf course down in this section. It gives me shivers just to think of it. Thank you, as always, for the kind words! 🙂


    • Emerson got that right! I think the southern Oregon coastline is truly one of the best. Big Sur, north of LA is equally gorgeous, but far too crowded with limited access for my taste.


    • Utterly amazing that those trees survive on that rocky outcrop and don’t seem to mind the frequent wild, crazy storms they endure. That quote is quite wonderful from our patron “saint”. Indeed!


    • That’s definitely a rock outcrop. A mound of dirt would have been washed away by the crazy surf long before those trees established themselves in those rocky crags.


  2. It always intrigues me when I see such tall pines on those sea stacks (if that’s what these guys are called), but then I’ve seen equally tall pines sticking out of the sides of granite cliffs, as well, and was equally intrigued by them. I like it a lot, Gunta…and excellent quote, again, too. 🙂


    • Amazing how the trees seem to not only survive, but thrive on those barren rock outcrops. It’s hard to tell what to call them. This one is almost an island, but still somewhat attached to the headland. There seems to be any number of monickers for them things. Good words from our patron Saint Ansel… 😛


  3. Beautiful scene and very nice composition.

    Love Ansel Adams quote too.

    I have to been known to spend 4-5 hours doing a half hour walk as I take so long to look around for photography subjects. Even when I had a car (and no camera) 10 years ago, I would always drive the long scenic route instead of the short route (no matter where I went).


    • Given this relatively undeveloped stretch of coastline, the beaches are never crowded. It’s possible to have beaches all to yourself, though getting to them can sometimes be a bit tricky with steep cliffs dropping almost vertically to the water.


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