Roads End, Lincoln City

A nice quiet, relatively uncrowded beach where the kite was super easy to launch and stayed up forever. The bad news was the amount of “haze” in the sky and being there close to noon…. the images came out pretty murky. I’m sure the purist followers will object, but I played with the processing of this one a bit to brighten the colors that the haze had mucked up…..

LincolnCity-5190You should know that there is little you can seek in this world, that there is no need for you to be so greedy, in the end all you can achieve are memories, hazy, intangible, dreamlike memories which are impossible to articulate. When you try to relate them, there are only sentences, the dregs left from the filter of linguistic structures. 
― Gao XingjianSoul Mountain


28 thoughts on “Roads End, Lincoln City

    • Definitely! This one was pure fun! All of the images were coming out really murky because of what looked like smog, so I started playing with it in post-processing. Don’t know if I could re-create the look, but I like what I stumbled into.


    • Gee, thanks! Yes… left to right it’s a person walking a dog, another person walking a dog and finally near the right edge is a couple walking (each other?)


  1. It would be interesting to have the hazy original next to this to see what you did. I like this though. It looks like a painting or drawing, pencil and watercolor maybe.


    • Well, it was certainly bright. I ended up with a red nose! But the haze seems to be increasing. I’m wondering if we have any wildfires going… I remember from last summer that the huge ones down around the Rogue River Wilderness area really mucked things up around Bandon. Made for some interesting sunsets, though.


    • Thanks, Nina. I see what you mean. It certainly looks better than the hazy look I started with. I just WISH I could draw that well… there was a small group doing just that when I arrived.


    • The locals apparently call it “the Thumb”, but I agree about the walrus. I talked to a guy in the parking lot who had just climbed to the peak of the “Walrus”. I bet the view was stupendous from up there.


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