gone missing

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I disappeared for awhile due to a trip up north. The weather was gorgeous, but the crowds reminded me why I like to avoid driving the coast during tourist season.Newport-4983So, the trip started out with meeting some good friends for a fantastic lunch of fresh-caught seafood in Newport, Oregon….  this was a view of the bridge from the harbor area. I love the graceful look of that bridge. It’s my favorite of all the many bridges that were designed by McCullough all up and down our Coast in the 1930s, if I remember right. (Too tired to google it tonight.)Newport-5006One more image and then I think it’s time for me to get some sleep. I’ll try to catch up on posts, comments and emails tomorrow!

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. 
― William Arthur Ward


33 thoughts on “gone missing

  1. I remember some of McCullough’s bridges from other posts…still wonderful…..and how nice that you got some time away from the regular stompin’ grounds, too…it can be refreshing, as you know. 🙂


  2. Yes your work is wonderful however you never return the compliments. I think this is a reciprocal platform generally. Hugs though, you have presented some magical work !


    • You know… that’s the conundrum. I am drowning in blogs that I follow and there are only so many hours in my day. I wish I could spend them all viewing and commenting and replying, but there are limits. I’m sorry I have to stay within those limits, but that’s life.

      I did take a look at your blog and if my memory serves me right your subject matter didn’t particularly do anything for me. I lean more toward landscape and nature as might be obvious from the subjects I choose to shoot. B&W conversions generally tend to put me off. It’s not a value judgement. It’s something entirely subjective. I’m glad you like my work, but if your compliments require an equal response, then I’m really sorry to disappoint.


      • I understand the time factor! I am not a black & white gal either although I did tiptoe into it on one blog but I need color too. Your seascapes are second to none Gunta!


    • Thanks mk… I really work at avoiding crowds as much as possible. That bridge is something special in my book. You’re right it’s the lovely lines that does it.


    • I simply love that bridge and try to do it proud, but it’s still far lovelier in real life. Had to take a nap today also. Hate this business of getting older and taking longer to recover. 😦


  3. Welcome back Gunta!
    Ah yes, the 101 in summer… both hands on the wheel at all times… 😉
    The fishing docks look a little sparse, I’ve heard that much of the Newport fleet is up in Alaska for the salmon season.
    Settling in to my first summer season on the farm… full time, overtime, all the time labors, no time for the beach. I don’t even know where my tide tables are, somewhere on the dining room table underneath a pile of gloves, tools and the accumulating layer of straw bits.
    Seafood in town not worth the trip anymore; prices gone up, portions become smaller and the fry vat oil obviously not being changed as often, halibut with overtones of oyster and calamari is not very appealing.
    I’m enjoying the forest songbirds, mostly unseen but happily heard. A new set of topo maps for the GPS unit is helping me gain some confidence about heading out the national forest roads of the Coast Ranges, very few folks up there now with fishing season coming on and no open hunting seasons at present. Beyond that, planning a trip to the Cascades in late summer for a kayak expedition on the clear high mountain lakes. see ya!


    • I don’t mind splurging at Local Oceans every once in awhile for their fantastic meals. Definitely no fry vat problems there. Though gotta say I definitely prefer off season crowds over the summer madness. Kayaking in the mountain lakes certainly sounds like a fun thing to do.


  4. Meeting a good friend over well prepared fresh seafood is a great way to spend a day! Add in good weather and plenty of photo opportunities and you have the making of a wonderful day!!!


    • I think quite a few of our bridges are rather beautiful, but this one is definitely my favorite. The lunch was well worth braving the crowds, not to mention the company!


    • I tend to stay closer to home during most of the summer, but then there are the special occasions every now and then when you just suck it up and endure. 🙂


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