shooting the shooter

I can’t explain it. I don’t generally shoot people, but I seem to like to catch the photographers, a tripod is a bonus.shooters-3762I think this guy started it. There seemed to be a story here. I might have titled it Indecisionshooters-1140Another story? Never quite figured out why the tripod was out there in front of her.shooters-7712Perhaps some of you recognize Nina taking a shot?shooters-0250And then the photo workshops that seem to be on the increase provide plenty of opportunities…shooters-2This one was one of my favorites, but I blew out the sky in my hurry… I could just say the blown sky adds to the drama πŸ˜€shooters-1090Last of all there’s a self-portrait and this is where I exit…..

I’d like to mention that Otto von MΓΌnchow has generously added my blog (Movin’ On) to his final round of voting for the Best PhotoBlogs on WordPress. Otto has showcased 206 blogs that have been put to a vote to bring his list down to a manageable size. Take a look at some wonderful and varied photography blogs. There are also links to the previous 13 rounds. Check it out and vote for your favorites... Β πŸ˜‰


61 thoughts on “shooting the shooter

  1. I like your selfie shadowy photo! Oh, and btw on your eagle has landed photo, never feel the need to explain heavily cropping any nest photo – if they aren’t heavily cropped,I worry that the photographer has gotten dangerously close and imperiled the nestlings! You know how I am about people getting too too close to wildlife.


    • I feel very protective of these birds (any birds) as well. I generally lower the camera when cars go by so they don’t look for the nest… but it’s almost impossible to see from where I sit… across a meadow and a wide river… hard to spot the birds except for the white dot of the adult’s heads without binoculars or a long lens. I was incredibly lucky to catch the eagle flying up the river with a huge branch to add to the nest. Otherwise I never would have known it was there. I thought of posting a shot to show just how far away I sat, but decided against it for fear it might be too easy to spot by others. Their tree is quite distinctive looking.


    • “Blown” sky refers to the fact that the camera can only handle a limited range of exposure… so, dark foreground and bright sun resulted in pure white in the sky where the sun was…. thus it was “blown”… I could have adjusted to keep the sky in check, but the tripod guy would have been in complete silhouette….. it’s a balancing act and takes far more patience than I have (or special filters and a tripod…. etc etc)


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