salty water suds

It seems the fashion is to smooth out the action of water, but I’m fascinated by the droplets that are captured with a faster shutter speed…wave-4320Droplets of yes and no, in an ocean of maybe. 
― Faith No MoreFaith No More – The Real Thing


28 thoughts on “salty water suds

  1. Gunta I have to agree with you 🙂 I too like the action shots in water. I do use a slow shutterspeed occasionally but I’m always fascinated at the real movement of water froze as it happens. .the slower milky flow is for a different kind of shot entirely 🙂 a good shot you have here too


    • Thanks, Rascal. I very much appreciate your point of view. I think perhaps waterfalls might benefit a bit more from a slow shutter, but it mostly comes down to subjective preferences.


  2. Thanks for stopping by the Edge of Blue… I don’t always hit the “like” button on your photo posts but truth be known, rarely a day goes by that I don’t stop by to look at this beautiful place we live through your lens. Cheers…


    • I enjoy checking out your Edge of Blue as well. Waiting to hear how the kayak journey to the other “C” goes… what an adventure! Have to agree we sure do live in a most beautiful place. You even get to see things up close that I likely never will.


      • I will give an end of the trip report… And… That’s the Beauty of the Blog… We can live a bit vicariously through each others views… Sweet Deal… 🙂 Enjoy a Memorable Memorial Day tomorrow on that Edge of Blue…


  3. It’s still the same old story, no one wants to accept what nature gives us, so most people feel the need to “improve” on what nature has to offer, hence the long exposures to create a surreal world that doesn’t exist. I prefer your way of looking at things!


    • Thanks, it’s nice that you prefer my approach, but it might be a bit tricky to actually see that moment of stop action when the surf is moving in real life. I don’t think the camera ever catches what we truly see with our eyes, but this likely comes a bit closer than the silky, slow shutter look.


    • I wouldn’t think that languid streams would require much slowing down. I was fascinated with smoothing out waterfalls with my first SLR, but that got old after awhile. To me, it doesn’t look natural, but that’s entirely subjective. As is so much in photography and art.


  4. Having done both recently, slow and fast, I think I like the faster shutter speeds too Gunta. Sometimes the mood suits the smokey water but you don’t get the power of the ocean in shots like that. This one you do for sure! 🙂


    • What power we have as photographers! We can smooth out waves or catch them in a fraction of a moment. Back in the early 1970s (with my first SLR), I played with both slow and fast shutter speeds when I shot a lot of waterfalls in the Sierras. It struck me as a bit of novelty to smooth out the flow with a slow speed, but I seem to have reverted to stopping the action. But you’re spot on about it being all about mood, not to mention subjective preference.


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