The baby eagle is finally growing and showing himself. Unfortunately the light was pretty bad and the images aren’t the best, but I can’t contain myself. eaglet-4695It was just thrilling to see this young bald eagle trying out his wings for the first time. eaglet-4697Perhaps not the first time he tried it, but the first time I got to see it.eaglet-4699

…and finally

eaglet-4719LIFT OFF…
From what I’ve been reading, this is in preparation for real flight. It could go on for awhile in order to strengthen the wings enough to really fly. I’m hoping to catch some more shots perhaps with better lighting.

The soul is born, he said vaguely, first in those moments I told you of. It has a slow and dark birth, more mysterious than the birth of the body. When the soul of a man is born in this country there are nets flung at it to hold it back from flight. You talk to me of nationality, language, religion. I shall try to fly by those nets. 
― James JoyceA Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man


38 thoughts on “fledging

  1. Well done for capturing this moment Gunta. How wonderful to see. I’m seriously envious. I think I’d have been so busy looking I’d have forgotten the camera so double well done for sharing this with us! 🙂


    • I was pretty busy looking, but since I couldn’t see much without the zoom, I managed to click at the same time! 😀 However, breathing was somewhat optional. 🙄


  2. fantastic series to see in real life must be thrilling to say the least 😀 not something i’d see in yorkshire thats for sure Gunta


    • It sure looks like just the one. It’s impossible to see inside the nest because I’m so far from the nest and looking way up at it, but I’ve never seen any sign of another. Near as I can tell, this could have been the females first mating. There’s a shot of her with some brown bits remaining in that white head, which would be a sign that she’s still young. Both the change to the pure white head and the beginning of mating happen around the age of four. So it might be that she just had the one on her first try.


    • You can probably imagine my goose bumps to actually be there to see this… granted it was through the zoom lens since the nest is far enough to be difficult to see what’s happening with the naked eye. Would be nice to have that eagle vision in this instance. 🙂


    • Oh yes! I do consider myself extremely lucky. First, to spot the next and now the culmination in seeing junior trying out his wings. It’s pretty amazing.


  3. What a WOW to see and photograph, never mind the light sometimes we with the cameras have no choice of moment, but like you have done we make the best of a poor moment and only photographers can make it so.


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