Or at least I THINK so… I went back to the nest this afternoon hoping to solve the mystery of the fledgling(s). No white headed bald eagles were in sight, but I snapped a whole bunch of shots of the nest. Then I nearly went cross-eyed studying them very closely. But here it is….. cropped to an extreme.eagle-4017-2I really don’t think I’m imagining that little dark brown head. For comparison CLICK HERE to see a shot from the Bald Eagle Information site. Looks like I’ll need to keep a closer eye on this nest. Perhaps I can catch some images when they begin to fledge.

Great men are like eagles, and build their nest on some lofty solitude. 
― Arthur Schopenhauer


36 thoughts on “Score!!!

  1. Hooray!!! Well done. It was the same for me the first year I photographed the GBH nest – I saw the chicks only after carefully inspecting the downloaded photos painstakingly.


    • I’ve been back since this shot and it does seem to be getting a wee bit easier. That little head didn’t pop up at first, but it did after a few minutes. Wondering where mom and dad are off to though.


    • I certainly shouldn’t complain, having found this nest, but it’s so high up and far away that it’s nearly impossible to see much happening in the nest. This shot was pure, unbelievable luck. Went by there yesterday and it was like nobody home… at all.


    • That would certainly be lovely, but it’s hard to catch what’s going on in the nest with branches in the way and the extreme angle… that nest is way up high from my position on the opposite side of the river.


    • I should have posted a shot with the normal focal length to give you an idea of just how far off that nest is, Perhaps I’ll remember to do that if/when I have some shots of the fledgling trying out its new wings?


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