poppies and peonies

Don’t know what it is about the poppies, but though I keep trying, I’ve never caught the shine….  However, my blog-buddy at MK Photographs succeeded. I guess I’ll have to keep trying. I didn’t think it was possible. In the meantime, here’s one I shot the other day… I find these lovely little wildflowers so utterly cheerful and they actually DO sparkle as seen in MK’s shot!poppy-3674I may not have caught the sparkle, but this one manages to show how translucent the petals are. (Look near the base of the petals.)poppy-3676Not to mention how amazing a field full of these lovelies looks. Toss in some lupine and the scene this time of year is breathtaking. I remember fields covered in both the orange poppy and purple lupine so well from my days in California. (Sorry, I didn’t have any lupine handy to show.)peony-3582Instead my favorite peony was blooming…

We are more than our feelings. Feelings are like leaves and flowers on the tree of our being. They are the first to dance in the breeze, the first to blossom in springtime, the first to sparkle in the rain. But come the cold and frost, we discover that the bare branches of our values and the roots of our traditions are the structure we stand on. 
― Manjul BajajCome, Before Evening Falls


42 thoughts on “poppies and peonies

    • I’m definitely in love with the CA poppies and also have them in my yard (volunteers, even!) The do love to reseed, but I have to keep the weeds from crowding them out.


      • Yes, they are lovely. I don’t know how I managed to miss that typo in my first comment. I don’t even have the excuse that I was doing it on my phone. ‘How’ = ‘grow’!


        • I sometimes take the liberty of correcting ‘typos’ in comments IF I even notice them, but it’s funny how the mind does an auto-correct at times. Sadly, I’m finding myself committing more and more typos as the years pile on. So very, very frustrating to notice these slip-ups as they seem to occur more often.


          • BTW… I did a small metal print (10×14) of the first poppy shot… I LOVE that medium. It’s so bright and cheery. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to this marvelous technique through your post! Thank you! 🙂


          • Yes, I empathise. Believe it or not, I was known for my proof-reading accuracy back in the day. Not my incisive expertise regarding the contents of the documents, just my proof-reading. Not sure I was terribly pleased about that at the time!


  1. I love the shadows of the stamens on those petals – and what a joyful photo that is. They’re just starting to come out up here. I was an instant fan of the California poppies – that orange is just the best – nothing like them on the east coast, not on roadsides anyway. A filed of lupines and poppies together? Heaven, that had to be.


    • I was intrigued with the way the stamens showed through the petals, too. Our poppies seem to be just a touch ahead of yours. They’ve been blooming for maybe a couple of weeks, at least the first ones have. More to follow. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the poppy and lupine mix, but surely they must still be around. Remember seeing fields literally covered in them when I lived in CA.


    • Thank you much, Sylvia. The dark red, pink and purple tones seem to be the hardest to get right. The peony is actually a deeper, darker red with a touch less pink, but that was the closest I could get to the real thing. I have another peony that didn’t bloom this year that’s almost a neon pink. I think the one above is my favorite. 😀


  2. Thanks so much for the honor of a pingback, Gunta! Your poppy portrait is absolutely beautiful — it captures that sweet positive feeling I get when I look at this flower.


    • Thank you, m’dear. As so many things, the photo doesn’t entirely do justice… this California poppy has a particular glow that isn’t seen in the Oriental variety… but I’ll keep trying to get closer to catching that sparkle. (and have fun doing it, too!) 😀


    • They’re one of my favorites… will reseed (unless you got the hybrids). They don’t even mind being crowded by a few weeds or not having the perfect soil.


    • Thanks! A bit more showy and colorful than the shy, gentle spring wildflowers of your woods. They have their place, though I love your more subtle beauties, too.


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