Shootin’ two birds

Finally caught the pair at home…. but first a shot from roughly ten days ago when it looked like the male was waiting and waiting for his mate to return. I must have sat there for an hour waiting along with him. eagle-3233These are all pretty heavily cropped since the nest is clear across the river, a good distance away. I haven’t seen any activity or signs of young ones at the nest though I’ve checked in fairly often over the past months.eagle-3627The female is said to be larger than the male which makes me think that’s mom on the upper perch. No idea why her head is so much darker… unless she’s still a bit young. It takes four to five years for them to reach full maturity when the heads turn from brown to that characteristic white.eagle-3645

The higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly. 
― Friedrich NietzscheThus Spoke Zarathustra


42 thoughts on “Shootin’ two birds

    • I was very lucky to spot the nest one day. I go by to check it out every so often ever since. Looks like I’ll be posting another shot since today the lighting was absolutely perfect. Almost as though a spotlight was focused right on the eagle. 😀


  1. There are few birds more majestic than the bald eagle and you have done a fantastic job capturing them Gunta! I too have come to see how difficult it is to photograph birds.


    • Oh, they were very much cropped. I’m not a good judge of distance, but their tree is a goodly distance clear across a fairly wide river. I’m not so sure if I’ll catch any young ones since I’m looking up at a humongous, messy nest way up in a tall, tall tree and the two pictured here certainly weren’t acting like they were hatching or feeding any young ones. But I’ll certainly keep trying. 🙂

      PS It did help that I’ve learned to brace the long lens on the car window to steady it.


  2. Both of the eagles look like young adults to me, but that could be a regional difference. I would also think that if they were nesting this year, that they would already have young hatchlings, but that could be a regional difference as well. I’d say that you did quite well with your photos, as I can see that the eagles haven’t bulked up yet the way that mature eagles do.


    • I think these two stick around here year round. I first discovered the nest in July, 2013. Since then I’ve caught at least one of them at the nest twice in Oct, once in Jan and just the other day. I added the shots I’ve posted on those occasions to my category list, if you’d care to take a look to compare (though the earlier shots were pretty bad). At first I was thinking perhaps these two might have been juveniles, but the white heads seem to indicate they are at least several years old. I’ll certainly keep an eye on the nest. There was a stretch of several months between July and Oct when I thought perhaps they had migrated, or abandoned the nest, but since then I’ve learned that they’re not always sitting there. I’ve also learned that I need to scope the tree with the zoom to be sure not to miss them. They are that far away.


    • Thank you. Utterly worth it. I just wish our birds (the herons and egrets) weren’t so darned ‘flighty’. It is so disgustingly difficult to get a good shot of them.


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