feel the wave

A perfect day to shoot from the jetty

(click for slideshow, as usual)

People in general attach too much importance to words. They are under the illusion that talking effects great results. As a matter of fact, words are, as a rule, the shallowest portion of all the argument. They but dimly represent the great surging feelings and desires which lie behind. When the distraction of the tongue is removed, the heart listens. 
― Theodore DreiserSister Carrie


25 thoughts on “feel the wave

    • Had the right circumstances to get in close and down low for that one. Then much of it is simply timing. On this occasion I was playing with the interesting shapes the froth was making… 😀


  1. An excellent series and I agree about people and their words. Watching the surf is just magical so who needs words.


    • I’ve been enjoying your wildflowers and birds as well. I don’t have a whole lot of flowers at the beach, though. Waves will have to do. Though mind you, I’m certainly not complaining! 🙂


    • Yes, it was calmer than it has been of late and I wasn’t actually on top of the jetty. I was near the base of the rocks and just above the high water mark. I don’t know what it is, but the frothy waves just fascinate me.


  2. They look almost inviting, it must be warming up here. I also notice that there’s a difference between salt water waves and the freshwater waves that we have here, I’ll have to shoot a few wave photos to see if you notice the same things.


    • There was actually someone swimming, or trying to body surf. Of course he had on a wet suit. Our water is never warm enough for a pleasant swim. Which is just fine by me since I’m not keen on immersing myself in salty water. 😉


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