a gathering of gulls

It looks like a conference going on….Bandon-2048The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” 
― Isaac Asimov


39 thoughts on “a gathering of gulls

  1. They look so demure, Gunta. Definitely a civilised “gathering of gulls’ , rather than the more usual collective noun, ‘a screech’. 🙂 Beautiful shades of lilac, purple and blue. Gorgeous shot.


    • I seem to have grown to better know the gulls along the beach. They can actually be quite sedate at times. I seem to have caught my favorite palette of colors in this one. I’m glad to see so many agree also like them.


  2. It is too bad we cannot understand “gullspeak” perhaps they might be able to impart some wisdom. I myself could use some. I know there are some people in government who could use some wisdom quite desperately….it could be the gulls are discussing that very thing, no wonder they laugh…


    • Thanks, Chilli… How did you guess I’d named my trained gull Jonathan? 😉 I’ve been accused of having a trained one for my shots, but I’ll have to admit that they are quite cooperative at times. BTW I used to love that book, but that was a long, long time ago.


    • Haha… one would think the gulls would pick prettier scenes for their food sources. I’ve seen them gather like that on the beach quite often. I suspect it might be connected to the tides, but I can’t be certain of that.


  3. Another good shot, Gunta. I like how the layer of gulls beckons towards the waves, which beckons towards the sea and the rock, which beckons towards the sky. Good show.


    • Thanks, Nick. I do like my trained gulls! 😛

      SUDDENLY it’s turned too hot here for my taste… bumping up against 90º… that should happen once in a blue moon in perhaps August. Then again when I look at weather reports back East, I ought to quit whining!


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