The Value of Kindness

I don’t often reblog either, but this one touched me deeply. The images are an extra added bonus….  definitely worth reading and be sure to get more back story at the CAMPAIGN post

MJF Images

The first image made after the act of kindness, sunset along the Columbia near home. The first image made after the act of kindness, sunset along the Columbia near home.

Believe it or not this is a photography-related post.  I was recently surprised with a loaner camera!  A person I met through my photography club, someone who went to the same college as I but who I don’t know well at all, saw my situation and took pity on me.  She loaned me her Canon 60D because (she said) it wasn’t really being used.

Now I know plenty of other photographers who have cameras much better than that as backups (they shoot with top of the line cameras).  And I have spent time shooting with these people.  None of them were coming forward after learning of my recent misfortune, losing my camera gear over the waterfall.  This is despite the fact that it would not have disrupted their photography.  This was her only DSLR, she didn’t…

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14 thoughts on “The Value of Kindness

  1. Gunta, I’m sorry if I’m offending a friend, and please feel free to remove this post if you think it better. But to the guy who wrote: What? First, people wouldn’t give you their extra cameras, even though they’re not using them – and you think this is the most horrible thing ever. Well aren’t you just the entitled fella? It’s their stuff! They don’t HAVE to lend you anything, whether or not they’re using it at the moment. And the sentence where you do good for your benefactor by allowing her to lend you her camera just left me stunned at the self-centeredness. Second, why exactly should people pitch in to buy you a new bunch of photo equipment? I’m very sorry you apparently dropped it into a river, but this does not mean the world has to dig into its pockets to help you. Sorry, it’s just not on the same scale of tragedy to which I will donate. And truth to tell, I’ll donate for less, but not to someone who seems to expect this support, even complaining about how it’s not coming in fast enough. I’ve been wanting a Vitamix for years but can’t seem to spring for it… making a salsa would mean so much to me. Getting a campaign together now! (leaving with a disgusted mutter)


    • I’m sorry you’re feeling so curmudgeonly. There is not a thing forcing you to participate. I obviously felt more sympathy than you did, but that’s likely because photo equipment is close to my heart. You DO know that if you wanted to crowd-source that VitaMix, I would definitely kick in? 😀


  2. Amazing photos! And even more amazing post; such insights and thought-provoking words. I am asking myself how I can change so that I could offer such a genuine act of kindness. Thanks for sharing this!


    • Thank you for the comment, dear Isabel, but the image is far better than anything I can do. I posted this blog by another photographer because I admired it so much. If you click on the phrase at the bottom of the post (View original), you will get to see other photos this man has taken. You might appreciate why I wished to share his work.


    • I couldn’t agree more! Don’t know if you looked, but he’s doing a thing like your Kickstart to help get his own equipment back. You can get some of his luscious prints in return (depending on size of contribution,etc… you know the drill).


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