a little shower with your lunch?

waves-2Perhaps that wave isn’t as close as it looks in this shot, but I’m quite sure they must have felt a tiny bit of spray.waves-3287Still gale warnings out there, but this particular beach is so much more protected than most others that it felt warm and calm. Though I must say that watching that crashing surf was sure fun!waves-3354Here I came to the very edge 
where nothing at all needs saying, 
everything is absorbed through weather and the sea, 
and the moon swam back, 
its rays all silvered, 
and time and again the darkness would be broken 
by the crash of a wave, 
and every day on the balcony of the sea, 
wings open, fire is born, 
and everything is blue again like morning.  
― Pablo Neruda


29 thoughts on “a little shower with your lunch?

    • Honestly, they did seem to be enjoying themselves and other than a gentle wisp of spray, they weren’t really close enough for the crashing waves to bother them.


    • Oh it was a lovely day, most certainly. That couple never seemed to be bothered by those crashing waves. As a matter of fact, they really seemed to be enjoying being so close. I suspect the zoom effect makes it look as though they were closer than they were in reality. (I also suspect that’s what you meant by “perspective deception”!) 😀 I wish I were steady enough on my legs to get over there, too.


  1. Every time I see stately boulders at the sea’s edge there is something about the good parent to them. That is, they are reliable and wise, protective, and full of encouragement to try things both dangerous and bold.
    I love seeing the couple in the wave’s spray, the exact reason access to our wild places should never be forbid.


  2. I love this third shot. If you edited that spray out of the image, it would look like a very calm day. You have become a master at capturing the beauty and the power of the sea. 🙂


        • Some say that the Maine coastline (northern end) resembles my coast, but I tend to rather doubt that. I was not the least bit impressed with Acadia National Park.


          • I had heard that as well, although we will not be getting that far north this summer. Interestingly, when we started this RV adventure, my goal was to see every state, but the longer I am away from the west, the less I feel the need to do that. Hubby concurs. After this summer, we think it’s time to come home. 😀


    • The waves have been particularly impressive lately. The nice thing about this particular beach is that it’s protected from the wind, but it’s not as interesting as the one I usually go to.


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