bandon-6356The last glow of sundown dims away. Stars appear in the east. Night encloses us. The ocean seems to enlarge. When you’re adrift at night, imagination and perception merge. They have to. You can’t see as well, as far, as deep. You tie knots by muscle memory, and you operate your reel mostly by feel. Your boat drifts, your thoughts drift. You sense the sweep of tide and water, and the boat gets rocked in turbulence just past each undersea ridgeline and boulder field. You, too, are looking up, searching constellations, dreaming. You feel again how flexible and expansive your mind can be when it’s working right. And you slip your leash to explore the vast vault of sky and great interior spaces. 
― Carl SafinaThe View from Lazy Point: A Natural Year in an Unnatural World

39 thoughts on “sundown

    • Thank you. But yikes! You made me realize how I’ve left replies hanging on this post. Life seems to be getting in the way lately. I suppose that’s a good thing, but not at all well mannered.


    • Ooops, the comments here seemed to have slipped off my radar. Sorry for not replying to such a very nice comment sooner! I thank you and the cloud gods for lining things up for me! O_o


    • Busted! 🙂 I’ve been doing a bit of traveling and still don’t seem to have my energy back 100%, so I’ve been rooting around in archives. This shot was taken back in October, 2012. Doing a bit of detective work though, it must have been a really pleasant evening since I covered quite a distance on the beach that night judging by the other shots taken that same date.


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