waves-1423People over the age of thirty were born before the digital revolution really started. We’ve learned to use digital technology—laptops, cameras, personal digital assistants, the Internet—as adults, and it has been something like learning a foreign language. Most of us are okay, and some are even expert. We do e-mails and PowerPoint, surf the Internet, and feel we’re at the cutting edge. But compared to most people under thirty and certainly under twenty, we are fumbling amateurs. People of that age were born after the digital revolution began. They learned to speak digital as a mother tongue. 
― Ken RobinsonThe Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything


30 thoughts on “waves

    • Heck, I made it into my twenties before getting midway into the sixties…. and I’m not at all pleased at bumping up against some of the limits that imposes!


    • Thank you very much for the lovely compliment. It seems that since I love shooting pictures at a nearby beach, waves have become a bit of a specialty. If you pull up “waves” under the category menu, I think there are some even more powerful examples. At least I think so. 🙂


  1. Those waves don’t give a good coddamn about the digital age and they’re doing just fine…doing admirable well, actually, for amateurs…..and they make a beautiful portrait, too, I might add….. 🙂


  2. Interesting angle, and how it changes the emotion of the view.
    More of a spectator when seen from the side, a feeling of less partial visitor. Front on a landscape feels more conspiritorial.


    • Funny thing is that I’m still trying to remember how I managed that shot from the side without getting wet. 😀 I tend to be pretty zoned out when shooting and often come back with surprises… 😉


  3. I love your photo. I’m glad I grew up before the internet. I had freedom outdoors without being connected by cell phone etc 🙂


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