Happy Vernal Equinox

It’s been a sunny day, but the wind has a sharp biting edge to it. Lots of blooming stuff around here. I came across the following pretty flowers on a walk today:mystery_berry-2227So pretty in pink… even if the wind was tossing them around while I worked on some patience.mystery_berry-2217My first guess was thimble or salmon berries. The leaves looked about right, but the flowers said no. 
Much thanks to My Food And Flowers, it’s been identified as Red Flowering Currant (Ribes sangineum). Isn’t blogging wonderful?

mystery_berry-2229Better than any argument is to rise at dawn and pick dew-wet red berries in a cup. 
― Wendell Berry


36 thoughts on “Happy Vernal Equinox

  1. I like ribes at this time of year. In a local wood that I visit, there is one of these trees, a fugitive seed from someone’s garden probably. It looks incongruous in the midst of a wild wood. And beautiful, like these pictures.


    • Thanks for the reminder. I plan to snip a small branch to see if I can get a start for my yard. This one is at the outer edge of a picnic spot across the street from an abandoned lot. They are beautiful and I really need at attract some feathered friends.


    • It’s been idyllic here with a couple of weeks of sun and warmish weather and everything seemingly in bloom. Now we’re due for some more much needed rain. I love this changeable weather so much!


  2. I just saw them yesterday, too. You took beautiful photos of them. All the spring flowers are so fleeting – it’s good to take the picture before it’s too late! I had fun with a mass of skunk cabbage – those bright yellow guys in the muck, you know them? I will get the photos up one of these days…love these, Gunta!


  3. I read that someone has already said you can start from a cutting, that was my comment to you and your photos are beautiful 🙂


    • I looked it up. It’s supposed to attract butterflies and hummingbirds in the spring; then the berries are eaten by other birds in the fall. I’m planning to look for one I can plant in my yard. Now that I’ve eliminated most of the invasive, non-native plants here, I’m thinking I want to try bringing in more natives that will attract some wildlife. Haven’t even had many customers at the bird feeders I put up. 😦


    • I love the particular shade of green that comes with springtime… as in the weeping willow tree or the tips of evergreens. I don’t know that it’s possible to catch the real thing outside of real life and sunshine. As for the winter you’ve been hit with… I offer deep sympathy.


  4. I’m thinking fuscia, but I’m not sure. It’s spectacular.
    Thanks for the season Vernal Equinox reminder! This is the day everyone
    heads to Pfeiffer Beach when the sun lines up in some perfection as it sets behind those hollowed out boulders of the blue Pacific.


    • I can see why you might have thought fuscia, but nope. I got the answer (above). It’s a red flowering currant. Very pretty and even native to our area.


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