Sunday at the beach with a friend visiting from out of town. The weather did not cooperate at all. The wind was strong and biting cold, causing us to get sandblasted. But I don’t think I’d ever seen the surf this wild. The images don’t actually show the craziness of the surf because we didn’t venture too far from the parking lot and didn’t stay long. The good news was that we had a good deal of rain that night to help the drought situation.waves-2213I didn’t have the patience to wait for an impressive crashing wave. Nor did I want to expose the camera to the wild elements too much.waves-2207But the gulls didn’t appear to mind……

A brick could replace the cardboard bill on a baseball cap. On a windy day, no gust will knock your hat off.

― Jarod KintzA brick and a blanket walk into a bar


24 thoughts on “incoming

  1. It looks angry. I often look at my surf pictures and think I’ve just not done it justice. Sensible to protect the camera Gunta. I’ve bought a plastic raincoat for mine now so spray, sand, rain etc will only affect the end of the lens for the couple of seconds the lens cap is off. It’s all a bit fiddly but worth the effort if the wind is onshore which it looks as though it is there.. flattens the surf and sandblasts everything.


    • I’ve thought of using a plastic bag… but I figure it’s time to leave the camera in the bag when the I’m feeling like I’m getting a face peel. 😀


    • Oh I love bad beach weather, too, but when it starts feeling like I’m being sandblasted and almost knocking me off my feet… well, I also worry about the camera.


    • As my visitor put it, those gulls seemed just hover in the air at times. There were plenty of them, possibly because the surf might have been kicking up lunch… or something?


  2. Beautiful shots Gunta! I remember walking an Oregon beach in a windstorm. I was digging sand out of my SLR for months afterwards and there was always that grinding sand sound when changing lenses. I often think about that when I see some of the wonderful storm photos you take and wonder how your camera fares.


  3. It’s beauteous inland :o) – making final plans for a trip to Crater Lake in April and we’ve no idea whether we’ll be skiing, snowshoeing, or hiking!


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