washed out to sea….

This rather boggles my mind. Seeing all the mud that’s washed out by the river, you’d think Oregon would eventually all be washed out to sea… or at the very least, that I’d have beach front property. πŸ™‚outtosea-2022Seaward ho! Hang the treasure! It’s the glory of the sea that has turned my head.Β 
― Robert Louis Stevenson,Β Treasure Island


31 thoughts on “washed out to sea….

    • Hubby warned me, and since then I’ve learned how right he was about living on the edge of the coast with all the wind and fog and especially the wind. Much nicer to just visit really.


    • I had often seen the rivers turn that dark chocolate brown after storms or during spring snow melt in the mountains, but this was an instance where it really brought it home how all that dirt and mud washes out to sea…


  1. A site for the geography student.. It is surprising when you see something like this to realise all that soil, along with it’s nutrients is lost to the land and to the local farmers.. Interesting post Gunta.


    • The highway that runs along the coast has spots that occasionally drop into the ocean during our winter storms. It’s the risk you take living so close to the ocean I suppose.


    • Be sure to wear your boots and a slicker! and I’ll leave the light on for you! πŸ˜‰ Does the Columbia turn brown this time of year, too? Perhaps not because of volume…. or the dams???


  2. I was visited by a cousin from Paris when I lived in Memphis who commented how dirty the Mississippi River was. I said, yes, exactly, it is full of dirt. The Seine, in contrast, looks full of garbage. LOL


    • We’ve had a few sunny days for most of the region… though there were some mighty impressive storms before that. I think part of the picture around here is the river spreading out into the flood planes. Thus it takes awhile for all the mud-filled water to run out to sea.


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