diving seaducks

This pair of Surf Scoters looked like they were having a really fun time in the wild surf…. they would dive into the crashing waves and bob up once the waves were past. Pity they weren’t a wee bit closer. I couldn’t even tell what they were until I downloaded the images, but I knew for sure they weren’t acting anything like the gulls.birds-1953Be not the slave of your own past – plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep, and swim far, so you shall come back with new self-respect, with new power, and with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old. 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson


31 thoughts on “diving seaducks

    • Yes, indeed. Apparently they dive to snatch mollusks or crustaceans. They forage in the zone of breaking waves, and habitually dive through foaming wave crests… which pretty much describes what I was seeing. The bad news is that occasionally gulls will steal their catch. Tacky gulls!!! 😦


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    • I bet a video would have been fun to see them bobbing in and out of the wild waves… but they were too far out. I think if I’d shot them with the long lens, it might have made viewers nauseous. 🙂


    • I noticed a fellow blogger (http://ehkstream.org/) just a couple of hours to the north of me posted much closer shots of our surf scoters where they were hanging out at one of the river estuaries. I suspect that they venture wherever they find dinner. 🙂


    • Ahhh… now you’re showing off how many different languages you speak! I did manage to understand the French, having taken it in high school, but that was so very many years ago that I could not handle anything much more difficult than your comment! Thank you for the sweet comment!
      And a very happy Sunday to you, too…. though yours is likely nearing an end while mine has just begun! 🙂


  2. They do have fun… tough ducks. Good capture Gunta, they’re hard to figure when they’re out in the surf… I have a post in the hopper, pictures from the Alsea Bay where they go crabbing just off the Port o’ Alsea Dock. It’s calm in there and they swim up along the edge of the pilings. Finally getting some nice storms up here to stir the beaches over. I’ve been out twice to Cape Perpetua and have found a few treasures; driftwood and agate, not too much trash… 🙂


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