unreal sunset

I really hesitated about posting the finish to the sunset I’ve posted previously. Partly because I’m not quite as fond of the garish colors and also because I imagine some folks will think this has been photoshopped or otherwise manipulated. Not so. Not one iota.sunset_bay-1461A person who longs to leave the place where he lives is an unhappy person. 
― Milan KunderaThe Unbearable Lightness of Being



65 thoughts on “unreal sunset

  1. I’m glad you posted it – others seems to agree. I love the fact that nature can provide such unpredictable colours that we don’t know what to make of them. That is one intense, dramatic scene that is a fitting ending to your series.


  2. Well that is a naturally incredible image then…stunning, really.

    And it breaks my heart to even imagine leaving the place where I live….I don’t want that kind of unhappiness. What a quote……


    • So stunning, as a matter of fact, that I was nearly tempted to tone it DOWN some. I thought of you when I stumbled across the quote. My heart goes out to you…. so very much.


  3. When I was a kid and fond of purples and pinks and fiery shades of all sorts and bemoan that traditional Latvian textiles were so dull, my mother used to explain to me that Latvian textile workers tended to work with colors in nature; thus all the moss greens, browns, dark yellows. And dearth of pinks and purples. Harumph. I now appreciate earth tones more than I did then, but don’t tell me there were no sunsets in Latvia…


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