that wonderful sunset

Raining here today, but I can dip back to that glorious sunset from last week…… at the start of my 70th year here on this wonderful earth. It was certainly an exceptional birthday.sunsetbay-1436Sunset Bay, Oregon 2/2/2014

Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.
― C.S. Lewis


66 thoughts on “that wonderful sunset

    • Thanks, Scott. I got to thinking that I did the count wrong. Technically I think I’ve started my 71st year…. the 70th birthday being the end of 70s. Now I’m feeling even OLDER than before….. 😉 But it was certainly a great birthday regardless of the number involved!!! 😀


  1. Oh happy birthday my friend!! Hope you had a fantastic day! I thought of you tonight as I was watching the news and learned of all the icy weather there in Oregon…hope you are safe and warm at home!


    • Lucky for me all that nasty ice and snow was way north of here. Today was a sunny, balmy 56º. The beach was socked in with fog, but really pleasant. All that snow that fell up north was much needed rain down here. I’m roughly a five hour drive from Portland, so don’t judge my weather by what’s reported up there. 🙂
      ….and, thank you…. it was a most fantastic day!!!!


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