incoming storm

Looking back to Monday night, it seems that this might have been the leading edge of the storm that has come ashore bringing snow in places. To the south, where I am, I’m listening to some much needed rain pouring down outside. NoCoast-1574The storm starts, when the drops start dropping When the drops stop dropping then the storm starts stopping.  ― Dr. Seuss


27 thoughts on “incoming storm

  1. You are so good at these. Wonderful. Somehow, all my WordPress subscriptions have disappeared. But that’s why I haven’t been around. Your site SAYS I’m a follower ( actually, I’m a leader, but you know) and yet I’m not getting notice of new posts! Grrrr.


  2. A wonderful image Gunta. We have an incoming storm, Along with the high tide at around 9 in the morning, flooding and yet more destruction is expected. I will be going to look but will certainly be keeping my distance. Several people have been drowned in this recent spate of storms to hit the South West.


  3. Thought about you when I heard about the storm. Glad you’re getting some much needed rain. Same storm is supposed to bring us (Colorado) some warmer temperatures, and we could use a break.

    Love that Seuss line. I don’t remember it, but I’d swear when my son was young, we practically memorized every Seuss book.


    • I’m quite happy to send you some warmer weather. This rain has been way overdue, but it’s still not the normal downpour we might expect this time of year.

      Dr Seuss is amazing and definitely a favorite of mine.


    • Oddly enough, I think pleasant and peaceful even during some of the more exciting storms. Well…. perhaps not entirely peaceful, but that could get a tad boring. 🙂


  4. Oh, I hope Washington, Oregon and Northern California are getting a good, overdue drenching. We were in Sacramento area for nearly six months at the end of last year and we know that entire area is in desperate need of water. –Dave (


  5. Sorry, but hearing that it’s raining in Oregon is music to my ears! That means that the ridge of high pressure that has been forcing all the cold air down into my region is beginning to break down, and we may see some warmer temperatures headed this way.


    • I’m as thrilled as you are. We really, really need some rain and living in Oregon, it’s expected. I don’t mind a bit. It sure beats that white stuff you have to shovel! 😉


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