Cape Perpetua

Continuing the trip home, I came out on the coast at Waldport. A short distance to the south, I stopped at Cape Perpetua to catch a somewhat surly shot of the sea….

Or, as the Forest Service website puts it:
Towering trees looming through a coastal fog. Frothy surf crashing upon jagged shores. Majestic headlands offering clear views for miles.

CapePerpetua-1536“time wasted is not always a waste of time.”
― Terri BlackstockSeaside


35 thoughts on “Cape Perpetua

    • I’ve seen Perpetua and the Churn in various moods. I’ve never caught it with the really wild surf coming in. Even this day with the storm approaching, it was relatively mild.


    • I’ve run into a few artists with sketch books now and then. That particular spot perhaps not so much since it’s shot from a parking lot at a visitor’s center, but anything is possible.


    • Hi Ron…. this was actually shot just south of the Devil’s Churn at the Cape Perpetua Visitor’s Center. I’m not sure why exactly, but I didn’t stop at Devil’s Churn on this particular trip on the coast. But you were close.


    • I’m sure you’ve noticed there is so much more to the Oregon coast than this particular scene or mood…. 🙂 The ever changing scene is what fascinates me most. Not to take anything away from how you imagine it to be. The skies have been utterly jaw-dropping lately because we haven’t had the usual winter storms. I’m not complaining except we sure need the rain and moisture.


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