wave goodnight

whiskey_run-1334To all, to each, a fair good-night, And pleasing dreams, and slumbers light. 
― Walter Scott


27 thoughts on “wave goodnight

  1. I’ve only been out to the ocean a few times as an adult, a few occasions actually, with a handful of sunsets on each of those occasions. We had hotel rooms on the third floor each time with secure balconies that allowed us to leave the sliding door open all night…with the waves drawing us to sleep….so very wonderful. Waking memories here, Gunta…such a beautiful image.


      • Ahh I was brought up swimming in the north sea Gunta. We’re made of pretty stern stuff over here when it comes to swimming in the ocean, we have to be 😉 Having said that, I was much younger then, not sure I’d be up for a dip in our rather frigid waters now…
        I’ve just had a look at the ocean temperature maps, we seem to both be in the greeny blue area according to NASA, that’s around 10 – 14 ° – too cold for me now I’m sure but you never know, it would depend on how many whiskies I’d had to drink but then, swimming and drinking is a pretty daft thing to do so again, probably something firmly left behind in my more invincible late teens and early twenties.. 🙂


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