more Whiskey Run

It was one very gorgeous sunset…WhIskey_Run-1382The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. 
― W.B. Yeats


41 thoughts on “more Whiskey Run

  1. Scrolling down, I realize it’s been weeks since I’ve been here: my loss. But I’ve been juggling two jobs lately: my insanity! I love the curves echoed in color here – beautifully done Gunta!


  2. Amazing panorama. In contrast the coast is unsheltered by your favorite monoliths, kind of right out there. I used to love walking the tide-recessed sand bars on Long Island. You could go miles out and miles long, and had to watch for quicksand-like pools, but you felt the magic of walking on water or at least where water had been fullsome and would be soon again.


    • We were out there not long after high tide turned, so still had to watch for occasional waves creeping high up on the beach. I’d love to go back at low tide. I’m thinking the next post will give you a better idea of the ‘lay of the land’ and the places where we had to time it to get around the cliffs jutting out in the previous post. Good times!


  3. We had a blue sky and sunshine in Eugene for the first time in several days! Must get to the coast soon – last visit was in October shortly after my return from 6 months in Eastern Europe and it was fantastic – just thinking about it brings back the smells and sounds of the sea!


    • Isn’t this weather crazy? This is Oregon. It’s supposed to be raining. It’s been dry, dry here on the coast. Making some gorgeous sunsets, but getting a bit scary for what a drought might bring.


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