another good day

Phil (of the gorgeous swamp shots) always says that any day you see a bald eagle is a good day. So I went to visit Old Baldy at his nest. Note the messy jumble of branches for his nest in the bottom right corner.old baldy-1168

Mostly he just sat there until he decided to fly off and I almost missed it. Not to be overly discouraged, it would have been another butt shot anyway.old baldy2-1176Eagles may soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines.
― Steven Wright


34 thoughts on “another good day

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  2. Hey! You took my comment before I could even make it! πŸ˜‰
    Well…any day you see a bald eagle is a… you know the rest.
    Actually since I have been down with the flu since last week I would be happy to see a freakin’ sparrow out in the wild which at this point would make it a good day for me.
    Great seeing your eagle pal!


    • Makes me wonder if we’d been eating eagle for Thanksgiving if that had been the case. I really enjoyed watching a video on Netflix called “My Life as a Turkey” (from Nature) about a guy who raised some turkeys from when they hatched. They’re actually a very interesting bird that I think has gotten a bum rap.


  3. And look at all the moss hanging in that tree…looks like South Carolina up there. I never knew. And I still need to get out Tooele way to see if I can spot any of these wonderful birds…. Nice images, Gunta…even the near-butt shot. πŸ™‚


    • Moss everywhere around here. Don’t know what’ll happen to it if we don’t get some rain sometime. I’m guessing you might need an inversion to catch the eagles out by Tooele.


    • Honestly, not a great deal of patience is required. I just pull up to the spot where I can see that nest and quite often one of the pair is sitting there. The first time I found this nest both of them were there.


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