A touch of cabin fever might have had me going a bit overboard with post-processing….. but the nasty weather has me staying snug at home with dreams of wild surf out at the beach. This will again have to do from earlier days….waves-1037When I paint, the Sea Roars
Others Splash about in the bath 
― Salvador Dalí


33 thoughts on “waves

  1. I just want to LIVE in green part of that wave – it reminds me of the kind of light I used to see inside old marbles. It bounces around in the water a lot before we see it, and it gets “thick” somehow, but it’s still translucent. It’s palpable, yet it’s sun-struck. Just so cool.


  2. I’ve just recently outgrown Picasa for editing…..ok no laughing at my editing software. Thankfully no rough seas around here although makes for spectacular photos 🙂 just sent you an email


  3. Always struggling with post processing as I’m seldom happy with the picture as it comes out of the camera, Finally decided that if the finished picture says what I want, I’m happy.


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