same ole scene, different year

bandon-0750Most people, looking back at their childhood, see it as a misty country half-forgotten or only to be remembered through an evocative sound or scent, but some episodes of those short years remain clear and brightly coloured like a landscape seen through the wrong end of a telescope. 
― D.E. StevensonListening Valley


27 thoughts on “same ole scene, different year

    • Hmmm… didn’t realize how close this was to the more recent shot with the lighthouse gleaming in the distance. It’s getting harder to remember what I’ve posted. 😦


  1. Oh, to be wrapped in the Oregon mist again, where walking along the beach you can almost hear the whispers of ancient mariners. What a beautiful scene to kick off a new year.


    • To be honest, the beach never is exactly the same except for the sea stacks and they, too, probably change but much too slowly for us to notice. It’s not always so serene, but it’s always beautiful!


  2. So beautiful. I want to come and live on the Oregon coast. Does it get lots of visitors and tourists? It looks like a well-kept secret. I have one of your previous sunsets as a screensaver on my laptop. I find it very therapeutic. Thank you.


    • Actually, I’ve been noticing an increase in crowds lately. Apparently the secret is getting out. Still not overly crowded, but it could be heading in that direction…. which would be sad. I’m so happy you’re liking my photos and finding them therapeutic! My pleasure entirely!


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