capturing the sun

Same sunset as the previous post. I can’t seem to keep from photographing the photographers. 🙂bandon-0691A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away. 
― Eudora Welty


22 thoughts on “capturing the sun

  1. Really splendid, Gunta. You captured those stunning seconds before
    a drop to the sea, and beyond that the other capturer. I like seeing
    people engaged thusly. I’m guessing something miraculous was pounding
    through him, too.
    About an hour ago there was a cry out from my
    meadow, a voice just louder than usual, not exactly a greeting…my first
    were Invader! Perpetrator! Then, calm down you’re not in Brooklyn any more
    and I rotated east to west to track his progress down the path away and as I did
    saw the pinkest reddest bluest sunset ever. And realized what the innocent
    had shouted in awe was,
    I think the sky must love us for all our enthusiasms
    in its presence.


    • I must say I can’t remember sunsets quite as vivid as those I’ve been seeing recently. I like your theory that the sky loves the enthusiasm and puts on a special show in appreciation!


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