bandon-0705There are wonders to behold in our world that few will ever experience…Wonders capable of providing an artist inspiration for a lifetime; Wonders to make the world into a place of beauty, and wonders that show us the connections we all share. We each enter our lives like a drop of water into a still ocean, spreading out with each experience in waves, touching the lives of each and every person we meet; and they, in turn, share their lives and experiences with us. 
― Alex G. Zarate


34 thoughts on “waves

  1. Oh those waves…brings back memories of when I was young and my parents rented a cottage on The Cape and we would fall asleep every night to the sound of the waves…it was heaven! Another glorious image Gunta!


    • Thanks, Susan. I don’t know of anything quite as soothing as the sound of waves to fall asleep to. Wishing I could bottle it and send it to you for a Happy New Year gift! 😀


  2. This is another “oh, wow”, Gunta! 🙂 It’s pretty fierce and stormy here right now and I haven’t yet ventured out for the day. Might be one to just sit back and admire. Best wishes for 2014!


    • Thanks so much for the nice words. Here it started out rather dark and dreary, but it looks like the sun has popped out and there may just be enough clouds to make it interesting. Happy new year to you, too!


  3. So very, very beautiful and serene. You’ve really caught the true breathtaking power yet ethereal quality of ocean waves. I don’t think words could ever do it justice. Looking at this picture has been a recharging start to my day. Thank you. I hope you are feeling better now.


    • Thank you for the kind words! Yes, I’m feeling a bit better every day. Even made it back to the beach this evening (as in the picture above)! Not so sure about the serene part, the surf was pretty wild as you can see. Oddly enough, I find the restless seas soothing as you suggested. 🙂


    • It has warmed up a bit here, staying above freezing at night. So far, it’s been strangely dry. It’s starting to feel like a drought, if you can imagine that for Oregon!


    • It’s kind of counterintuitive, but some of our best sunsets seem to come in the winter. You can’t imagine the pain of looking out through the power poles and wires at some of the most drop-dead gorgeous sunsets these last few weeks while I was too sick to go out and shoot them. This one (tonight) was mild compared to some I’ve missed lately. Summer brings the fog that all too often smothers any sign of color.
      I’m so very glad you liked your present, Barbara! It makes me happy, too! 🙂


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