let there be light

Almost feeling well enough to return to the beach again, but for now here’s something I dug up from archives!Bandon-0862Then I speak to her in a language she has never heard, I speak to her in Spanish, in the tongue of the long, crepuscular verses of Díaz Casanueva; in that language in which Joaquín Edwards preaches nationalism. My discourse is profound; I speak with eloquence and seduction; my words, more than from me, issue from the warm nights, from the many solitary nights on the Red Sea, and when the tiny dancer puts her arm around my neck, I understand that she understands. Magnificent language! 
― Pablo NerudaPassions and Impressions


20 thoughts on “let there be light

      • Oh that sounds like what my husband is having at the moment. A persistent cough that won’t go away. We have rather treacherous winds and living close to the sea means some really wild winds at this time of year. Keep warm, lots of rest, woolie socks. I have found ginger tea to be most helpful. Hugs xx


  1. I hope you are 100% very soon Gunta. I do envy those little animals who get to spend the winter in a warm little nest somewhere until the winter and the holidays are all over, emerging when the days get longer and the weather oh so much better. 🙂


    • Oh, so do I!!! Headed to the beach today (for other errands). The fog was pea soup thick, so didn’t stay long other than giving the pup a bit of a run on the beach. Never even took out the camera. That might just be a first!!!


  2. A very cold and barren look to this sea of yours this day. I do love the range you get,
    the warm to cool colors so that it always looks like the full monty, the whole
    pie, the big universe.


    • Thank you for the sweet words, Barbara. Cold and barren is how the beach has been looking lately with this nasty weather we’ve had. “The full monty”… hadn’t heard that phrase used for quite a while!!! 😀


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